We provide compliance solutions for
safe transactions of digital assets.
TranSafer TranSight
Real-Name Account Based AML/FDS For KRW Transfer Solution

TranSafer supports safer financial transaction between client company and financial institutions
by filtering/detecting fraudulent transactions and users during the transaction verification process.

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Deposit/Withdrawal in Banks-VASPs
No. 1 market share in the industry
  • 808

    Transfer Service Users

  • 584

    Transaction Verification Amount

  • 582

    Fraudulent Transaction Detected

*TranSafer, 2024. 3 기준
Provideing AML/FDS filtering solutions based on our expertise in tracking abnormal customers and transaction patterns

We, as an intermediary service provider for deposits/withdrawals in KRW, utilize and analyze transaction information from client companies and financial institutions to support the prevention of abnormal transactions.

Preventing accidents and improving convenience through third-party authentication process

Reducing the risks poised by client company's discretionary withdrawals and the process of client consents through Direct Authentication via TranSafer.

Providing real-time notification services for suspended payment accounts

By instantly providing the information of suspended accounts involved in financial fraud, such as voice phishing, We prevent further damage.

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