We support digital-based customer authentication and
verification for secure non-face-to-face transactions.
Identity Verification
Identity Verification Electronic Document
Simple Identity Verification And Electronic Signature Using The Auth App

This service enables easy auth by entering only the minimum amount of information using a certificate from simple auth service providers
(Kakao and Naver) and electronic signatures for various documents requiring consent.

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Easy issuance process

You can easily issue a certificate (valid for 3 years) once your identification has been verified by an identity verification agency.

Proven security standards

The Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which is identical to the accredited certificate, is used under administrative/physical/technical security policies.

Practical electronic signature process

After receiving an electronic signature request, a real-time signature will be processed using a fingerprint/face ID/PIN.

Tasks with complicated auth procedures will enhance efficiency
  • Easy login services

    A Login process utilizing a simple password and biometric auth

  • Automatic withdrawal consent services

    Consent for automatic withdrawals using simple auth instead of
    via certificate, ARS, recording, or writing documents

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