We secure future growth engine with each company's expertise
and synergy between affiliates.
About Affiliates
Bonanza Story
Payment Business Support Solution
As a Total Service Enabler, We support the establishment of an optimized B2B payment/settlement system

Bonanza Story recommends safe payment services for online business, support convenient integration.
We are continuously expanding the services in line with changes of the payment system.

Bonanza Plug
Digital Auth/Signature Solution
Provide secure financial services to everyone.

By providing Digital Identity Auth & Signature solutions to Financial Institutions, VASPs and E-Commerce platforms, Bonanza Plug contributes making their customers’ financial activities secure.
We are making efforts to promote a healthy investment culture.

Bonanza Lab
Digital Asset Data solutions & Market Insights
DayFin, a data solution specialized in digital assets

Bonanza Lab provides comprehensive digital asset data and insights based on financial expertise
and data utilization capabilities.
We set a new standard for digital asset investment information data by providing reliable service.

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Eternity Solution
IoT-incorporated Smart logistics Solution
We provide customized IoT logistics services.

Eternity Solution applies IoT technology to automate logistics processes that demand considerable amount of manpower, and provide customized services to improve the logistics environment of companies by analyzing, planning, and producing field environments.

Blockchain Data | AI Solution
Efficient and rapid solutions tailored to the rapidly evolving Blockchain ecosystem.

TRAVERSE specializes in advanced Blockchain solutions, covering data collection, processing, and verification. We develop and provide customized KYT and AML solutions for digital assets, smart contract auditing, and more.

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