Bonanza Factory acquired AA rating from ‘Inno-Biz’, Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Bonanza Factory has acquired ‘Inno-Biz’, a technology-innovative small business certification system hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
Inno-biz certification, which has been in effect since 2001, is a system introduced by the government to foster technologically innovative small and medium-sized enterprises.
This is done through evaluation of the technology innovation system in four areas, including ▲technology innovation ▲technology commercialization ▲technology innovation management ▲technology innovation performance, and on-site inspection by the Technology Finance Corporation.

Bonanza Factory achieved an AA grade, ranking within the top 5%, in this Innobiz certification review.
The background for obtaining the AA rating is that “we have independently developed KRW deposit/withdrawal verification solutions and anti-money laundering solutions for K-Bank and Upbit (exchanges), and are achieving high results through technological prowess and product marketization in the KRW deposit/withdrawal field of virtual asset exchanges.”
Possessing leading technology such as patents, trademarks, and other related intellectual property rights is also the reason for obtaining a high rating.

Bonanza Factory's acquisition of Innobiz certification is objective recognition of its future growth potential, technology, and stability in the fintech field.
Bonanza Factory will make company-wide efforts to expand the anti-money laundering field.
Thank you. 
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