Bonanza Factory selected as an external accounting audit firm
Bonanza Factory was selected as the first external audit firm among companies specializing in anti-money laundering (AML) for virtual asset exchanges.
Although Bonanza Factory is not a large company, its total assets exceed KRW 12 billion and sales exceed KRW 10 billion, and it continues to record operating profit surplus and net profit surplus in 2021 and 2022.

Bonanza Factory is an independent third-party organization that cannot combine other tasks in order to perform verification work, so it has transformed into ‘Bonanza Group’ and is pursuing business diversification through affiliates.

Bonanza Plug mainly provides authentication services and electronic documents used to verify customer-related authenticity for virtual asset business operators.
Bonanza Story has developed an alternative solution to virtual accounts to prevent money laundering (real-name virtual accounts) and provides services to prevent crimes using virtual accounts.
Bonanza Lab provides investment information and educational content to protect investors related to virtual assets, as well as advancement of AI-based AML/FDS solutions.
Eternity Solutions is a company whose core business is smart logistics (fully automated logistics) system development and consulting, and also provides an integrated narcotic management system to about 40 general hospitals across the country.

Bonanza Group plans to steadily expand its business by securing synergy between each affiliate.
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