Bonanza Factory acquired international standard certification ‘ISO9001·14001’
Bonanza Factory simultaneously acquired ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for its integrated deposit/withdrawal service and blockchain high-risk transaction verification solution.

ISO9001 evaluates whether a company has the ability to continuously improve the quality of its products or services and meet customer requirements. 
ISO14001 is a certification system that objectively evaluates a company's eco-friendly management strategy and the organizational system that can achieve it.

The certification obtained this time by Bonanza Factory was certified by GIC Certification Institute, which has strict review standards registered with IAS, an international accreditation agency, and our solution was evaluated to have secured high reliability.

Bonanza Factory believes that through this certification, the excellence of our services has been recognized externally, and our competitiveness has also been an opportunity to be objectively evaluated.
We will continue to provide better products and services through continuous research and development.
Thank you. 
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