We support digital-based customer authentication and
verification for secure non-face-to-face transactions.
Electronic Document
Identity Verification Electronic Document
Certified Electronic Documents

This service allows companies to deliver invoices and notifications to customer’s mobile devices via electronic document relay agencies (Kakao, Naver)

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High rate of reception and viewing

We increase the viewing rate of electronic documents by sending them through platforms utilized by users across different age groups.

High service reliability

We guarantee service reliability by obtaining all licenses required for Certified Electronic Documents Business.

Improving operational reliability

We intuitively implement the functionalities required to safeguard the rights of users and reduce the operational workload for client companies by operating a non-face-to-face customer center.

Minimizing customer complaints and facilitating fast document viewing
  • Circulation certification services

    Issuing a circulation certificate as proof of electronic document transmissions/receptions and viewing history.

  • Simple document viewing services

    Enabling convenient viewing of electronic documents that do not
    require identity verification without a separate auth procedure.

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