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Additional service
Virtual Account With Real-Name Auth Additional Service
Additional Payment-Related Services

We provide quick and simple auth and verification solutions for various businesses to utilize.

Deposit / Transfer

Non-face-to-face services for depositing and transferring various funds from a company's account to multiple customer accounts.

  • Securing consistent transfers from the client companies' accounts without requiring depositing corporate funds through a three-party agreement with a partner bank
  • Automatic settlement of large amounts of deposits required by companies via real-time deposits
ARS Auth

Non-face-to-face identity auth services such as customer identity verification and withdrawal consent using real-time ARS auth.

  • Providing an ARS auth scenario based on the goals of a business
  • Providing an optimal interconnection method suitable for the development environment
Account-Verify 1₩(KRW) Deposit

Non-Face-to-face identity auth service that transfers 1 won(KRW) to the customer to verify the auth code under the account holder’s name.

  • Identity auth process through convenient API linkages
  • Highly reliable auth processes by implementing various auth codes
Account holder verification

Convenient services to instantly verify the name of an account holder and account validity by using the customer’s account number.

  • Accurate account transfer/withdrawal processes through real-time account verification
  • Preventing deposit/withdrawal accidents through account verification
Payment Gateway (PG)

Secure and convenient payment processing services using credit cards.

  • Providing various payment services via credit cards, account transfers, virtual accounts, etc.
  • Pre-paid service (D+1)
Corporate Messaging
(Notify talk, Naver talk-talk)

Messaging Service offering various forms such as text and images through
Kakao-Talk and Naver channels.

  • Sending various types of Biz messages at a lower price than SMS
  • Sending marketing messages to your target audience
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